Ideas that still stand strong

In 2010 I was in school for Wedding and Special Event Planning, and this is one of the idea blogs I wrote. It may be spring now, but it’s the perfect time to plan your Autumn Wedding. Please enjoy. 

Autumn, The season for change and preparation.

The smells of baked goods and jams fill the air as fruits and vegetables are harvested, baked and canned. The sound of mowers and tractors fill the air as leaves and branches fall to cover the ground. People begin to crowd farms and high school football fields in place of pools and playgrounds. Where we were wearing tanks and sandals, we are now bundling up with jackets and boots. Leaves are turning from green to rich reds, oranges, and yellows. Puddles are left behind from passing rain, and the sun begins to hide behind the clouds. Autumn is beautiful, and I believe it is the best time of year for celebrating.

In particular, a Fall Wedding is fun to plan and beautiful to attend. There are so many ways to craft items and decorations for a Fall Wedding, and with the rich colors of autumn, you can create a perfectly  warm atmosphere. Let’s look at Orange; the color of pumpkins, leaves, butterflies, and sweet potatoes. According to Frank Sinatra “Orange is the Happiest Color”.  You can mix Orange with brown, Ivory, or a dark sage for a happy, rich and warm atmosphere.

Centerpieces are a great item for a DIY craft project. Get the family together on a blustery day, bake some cookies and brainstorm some ideas. A favorite of mine is using vegetables and ribbon on candles. Continue with the Orange theme, hot glue the tops of asparagus spears around an ivory candle, and tie an orange ribbon around with a pretty bow or knot around the middle. Use different veggies on different sized candles for a tiered look on each table.

Candy Buffets are incredibly popular right now. Instead of candy spend the evening before the wedding baking with your bridal party, and have a baked goods buffet. Everyone loves mini apple pies, bite-sized brownies, and bite-sized cookies. Hollow out pumpkins, and fill them with goodies or drinks. This adds to the décor, and is a fun item for guests to admire.

One of my favorite new activities at weddings is the photo booth. Make your own with a fun colored fabric pinned to the wall, and bring in fall themed props. Umbrellas, rain boots, and Halloween masks are just a few ideas. Make a paper or fabric tree for the background with colored falling leaves for an added touch. The possibilities are endless here.

These are just a few ideas that are winners. Guests love to see all the personalized items brought into a wedding. It takes away from the traditional straightforward elegance and adds your personality into your special moment. Small details like umbrellas for the bridesmaids instead of flowers will keep your guests talking for years about how unique and fun your wedding was.

So take a trip outside this fall, and look around at the nature around you. Make a bouquet with acorns and apples. Make a fun dinner centerpiece with some broccoli from your garden. Hollow out a squash and fill it with veggie dip for a game night. Find what you love best and add it into your upcoming wedding or even your next party. Autumn is here, use it to help make your day beautiful and uniquely elegant.

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