208489_208649365829336_100000528212336_776438_4860610_nTurning Small Details into Treasured Memories

This is what Brady Celebrations is all about!

Who Am I?

My name is Kaylee. I am a Mom to a beautiful toddler and a wife to a wonderful husband. In my spare time I step behind the scenes of your most important events and help bring life to all the details that have cost you hundreds of dollars on coffee, and many hours of sleep. 

I am excited to share my creativity and passion for life with my clients. I know how important all the small details of your wedding or party are. The small details that are often overlooked truly make a day of celebration perfect and memorable. Parties celebrating the past and looking to the future make lifelong memories, and are worth every minute of planning.

My ultimate goal is for you to save all that coffee money for your honeymoon, get a full night’s rest every night, and wake up thinking about your amazing fiance and the wonderful adventure you 2 are about to embark on together. IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAY!!! Let’s enjoy this together!